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Ted became a Ham (W5QJR) in 1948 and was assigned a JA call sign as part of the Occupational Forces of Japan in 1950. Unfortunately, he was sent to Korea before the license was issued. He is also licensed as TA2TGM as a result of engineering activities in Turkey. Ted has traveled extensively as an Electronics Engineer for the Collins Radio Company, Omega-T Systems, Scientific Communications, and the Harris Corporation in association with satellite communications and electronic intelligence systems. He now travels for Diversified Technology and his own company developing applications of the EH Antenna.

After retirement in 1996, Ted formed EH Antenna Systems to develop the EH Antenna concept. Three patents have been granted and one more is in process. His interest in antennas goes back to crystal radio set days. His continued interest in antennas is evidenced by inventing the Antenna Noise Bridge in 1967 to allow detailed measurements of antennas on a Ham budget.  The Antenna Ohm Meter is another design example. He also wrote the book on small loop antennas in 1984.

Ted has numerous patents, but most belong to the companies he worked for except the big one that got away because it was ahead of its time. The Collins Radio Company could not see a use for an “Infinitely Variable Pulse Width Generator” that was developed for telemetry to a radio controlled airplane (another hobby), so Ted entered the design in Electronic Design Magazine in 1964 and won the idea of the year award in international competition. Others saw use for the circuit – currently used in all power supplies and many other circuits where there is need to convert analog to digital signals.

Continuously active as a Ham, Ted bought a farm in Georgia where he planned to grow large Ham antennas after he retired. Fate showed its humor where Ted’s EH antennas offer performance that exceeds all other antennas in every performance parameter, and just happen to be smaller than any other antenna. The farm now grows EH Antennas and Pecans.


Ted Hart W5QJR & CEO

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