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EH Antenna Systems was formed in 1998 by Ted Hart after the EH Antenna concept was proven. The company began as a one (1) man operation doing design, development and implementation. In the beginning it was determined that the company would design and sell AM Broadcast antennas only, and the parts for those antennas would be manufactured by machine shops that had the capability to make high quality parts. All other applications for EH Antennas would be manufactured and marketed by other companies under license of the EH Antenna patents. This concept has proven to be very practical and has allowed world wide activities as noted in the following:

  • Currently antennas for the military are developed and manufactured by Diversified Technology, Inc in Ridgeland (a suburb of Jackson), Mississippi.
  • Ham antennas are manufactured in Japan by FR Radio Lab.
  • RFID antennas are manufactured in Italy.
  • Negotiations are in process with a large antenna company in Japan for the manufacture and sales of AM Broadcast antennas in the Far East.
  • We will entertain proposals from other companies to manufacture and market EH Antennas for Ham Radio or AM broadcast in other parts of the world including the USA.

Consultants have prepared Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawings for the parts for the AM broadcast antennas. Those drawings allow automatic machines to make the individual parts to tight tolerances.

Other individuals prepare the antennas for shipping at the corporate headquarters in Eatonton, Georgia. There are two AM broadcast antennas, one for frequencies above 1200 KHz and a larger one below 1200 KHz. Parts for the large antenna are shipped to site where they are raised and installed on the tower to form the complete antenna. It is then necessary to adjust the taps on the tuning coil to cause the antenna to be on the desired frequency and matched to the transmission line. The small antenna is assembled, adjusted to the customer’s specified frequency, and then shipped to site for installation on top the tower. In this case it is only necessary to connect the coax to the antenna. For either antenna the customer furnishes the tower and arranges the personnel to perform the installation.

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