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V. I. Korobejnikov

During several centuries the terrestrial science conducts the realized supervision for our the nearest heavenly the neighbor the Moon. This our natural satellite is always revolved to the Earth by one side and only for short time of times in 28 days as though tries «to dance a twist». During this moment it is possible to glance a little on its invisible surface from one and other side (no more than 5 % with everyone). Thus, we can observe in total no more than 60 % of a surface of the Moon. This phenomenon «to dance a twist» for a long time excites consciousness of all observers behind the Moon, and it has the concrete name libration from an Latin libratio – to rock, oscillation. Naturally, all scientific world tried to explain this phenomenon. The explanation of the reason of such strange behavior of the Moon is in an abundance in all dictionaries and the scientific literature. Here that also is covered huge ERROR in an explanation of strangeness of behavior of the Moon, but we shall start under the order.

Let's look in brief, that is written in an abundance of the literature on strangeness of the Moon. We open the Modern encyclopedic dictionary:
« The libration of the Moon (from an Latin libratio – to rock, oscillation), observable periodic similar to a pendulum oscillations of the Moon concerning its center of weights. In result the Moon is inverted to the Earth by not strictly one party, and turns on a longitude and breadth so 0,59 all lunar surfaces are accessible to direct supervision a little. The reasons libration of the Moon: non-uniformity of movement of the Moon on an orbit, difference of a figure of the Moon from the strict spherical form ». Now we shall look in Encyclopedia " Round-the-world " : «The moon addresses around of the Earth on an orbit with eccentricity 0,055. The inclination of a plane of its orbit to a plane of terrestrial equator changes from 18,3° up to 28,6°, and in relation to ecliptic - from 4°59? up to 5°19?. Daily rotation and the orbital manipulation of the Moon are synchronized, therefore we always see only its one hemisphere. To tell the truth, small rocking’s (libration ) allow to see the Moon within a month about 60 % of its surface. A principal cause librations that daily rotation of the Moon occurs to constant speed, and the orbital manipulation - from a variable (owing to eccentricity orbits). It is possible to continue consideration of this information and from other sources, but it is not meaningful, as there is a full identity with the resulted quotations. On Fig, 1 graphic interpretation the libration of the Moon is shown. Here these concepts very strongly sit in consciousness of many generations. Really, like all so is simple and clear, but here and the huge error is covered. So in what it consists? For this purpose it is necessary to answer some most primitive questions, answers on which to all are well-known from school physics, but here consecutive answers to them can lead to the uttermost confusion in consciousness. So, we shall start. «Habitual» electron has weight, an electric charge and an electromagnetic field around of it in space. Where in space the electromagnetic field of an electron "comes to an end"? Anyone, honesty studying physics at school, at once will tell, that in infinity where the universe "comes to an end". We shall pass to the big sizes. Our Earth is similar very big "electron " and has weight, an electric charge (about 600000 Coulombs), and an electromagnetic field which, as well as at usual of an electron "comes to an end" in infinity, as well as the universe. The sun too has weight, an electric charge and an electromagnetic field which as have already found out, "comes to an end" in infinity. It concerns to any body (formation) in the universe. How it was possible "to saw off"

Fig. 1. The circuit of the libration of the Moon on a longitude.


The electromagnetic field which "comes to an end" in infinity and to change for its any "vacuum"? All perfectly know, that the universe does not have even motionless point, let alone heavenly bodies. Absolutely all is in continuous PERIODIC movement. Moreover, for the period of movement any heavenly body never, under any conditions cannot get in the same place of the universe! And what we see on Fig. 1? It is the deformed circle - ellipse in which the Moon in 28 days (period) comes back in the same place. In dynamics of the universe such behavior is impossible. There always break between the beginning and the end of the period. What "way" possible "to connect - stick together" the beginning and the end of the period of movement of the Moon about the Earth in Solar system, the universe? Isolation trajectories (orbit) this huge FICTION, but such clear for consciousness! It is necessary to restore true and "to break off" this vicious circle an ellipse as such isolation of trajectories of movement of bodies at the universe does not exist! How the true trajectory of movement of the Moon about the Earth in Solar system, the universe will look? On Fig.2 the trajectory of movement of the Moon on a cycloid is shown. It is that periodic function at which started also the end of the period "do not incorporate" in one point, as well as at periodic movement of any heavenly body in the universe. Our Earth too goes on a cycloid, but to show this cycloid with the period of 365 days on the schedule of a cycloid of the Moon with the period of 28 days the scale does not allow, therefore only the small part of a cycloid of the Earth as a "direct" line there is visible. Fig.2 is convenient for considering fast moving of a sight from top to down. Thus the sensation of movement, as at cinema will be visually observed. It is perfectly visible, that at the moment of passage of the Moon through a sharp point on a cycloid of a trajectory of its movement really it is possible to glance a little from the Earth on its invisible side.


Fig.2 The Trajectory of movement of the Moon about the Earth in Solar system, the universe.

At the moment of passage by the Moon of a sharp point of a cycloid it is possible to glance a little on the invisible side of the Moon. Now there comes, perhaps, the most interesting moment. We already in the most primitive questions have recollected, that from an electron up to stars heavenly bodies of the universe possess weight, an electric charge and an electromagnetic field which "comes to an end" in infinity, as well as the universe. Nevertheless, men of science nevertheless "have sawn off" this electromagnetic field and have replaced with its any "vacuum". We go further. Long years many things from the theoretical beginnings of movement of the charged particles in cross electric and magnetic fields were under a signature stamp "confidentially". All this was because of privacy of works on a magnetron and to other accelerators of the charged particles. Only in 1962 the basic 22 paragraph on these questions in the book «the Theory of a field» (Volume 2, Landau, Lifshits, 1962) has been for the first time openly published . There it has been perfectly shown, that in conditions of cross electric and magnetic fields the particle goes on cycloid to trajectories. In a Fig. 3 the fragment from this 22 paragraphs is shown.

Fig.3 The trajectory of movement of the charged particle in cross electric and magnetic fields. For a case « в ) » mathematical "attributes" of this movement are resulted also.

As we see, from the previous reasoning, the Moon very rigidly submits especially to those laws which are considered in 22 paragraph at Landau, Lifshits. How to be? At Landau, Lifshits such movement turns out at the charged particle in an electromagnetic field, and the Moon shows the same, but it goes in any ridiculous "vacuum". Moreover, on the charged particle in an electromagnetic field in 22 paragraph operate especially electric (Coulomb ) and magnetic (Lorentz ) forces which together and create such movement of the charged particle. As the Moon shows to us harder dynamics, that in 22 paragraph and on it operate especially Coulomb and Lorentz forces. Here also there is very serious question: «And what for the most ridiculous concept GRAVITATION sits in the basis (in the base) physics if it at all desire could not « be stuck - to stick » by consideration of dynamics of the Moon»? Again men of science "have sawn off" forces of electromagnetism and have replaced with its any absurd (but such "clear" for consciousness) under the name GRAVITATION. Again we shall recollect the primitive phenomenon. When you remove clothes in the evening, is especial with synthetic fibers it "strives" to stick to a body or other subjects. This display Coulombs forces of electromagnetism. The perfumery industry even lets releases antistatics for partial neutralization of these phenomena from electrophysics on clothes. Why in this case you do not name the phenomenon of "sticking" by ridiculous concept gravitation? At us under legs(foots) 600000 Coulombs an electric charge of the Earth. Everything, that you see around "strives" to stick to the Earth under action Coulombs forces. Why in this case, you name the same any gravitation? Dear Newton saw, how the apple from a tree "has stuck" to the Earth, to it 600000 Coulombs an electric charge. What concepts of physics of electromagnetism were at Newton? Here in it all business. Therefore he Coulombs forces has changed any absurd, under the name GRAVITATION, yes so, as now "not be cleaned off" in any way from this deep error incorporated in the base of physics.

For strengthening of effect of understanding of the stated material, it is necessary to remind, that planet the Mercury in Solar system has one of the most mysterious trajectories of movement. The Mercury has a cycle time (to speak trajectories better) 58-88 days. It over "hooligan" behavior. What "GRAVITATION" in "VACUUM" cannot explain strangeness (58-88 days) such behavior of this planet. Look at Fig. 3 on the schedule « а ) ». There the lengthened cycloid (trochoid ) . Here it, an additional loop on the schedule which also "unsettles" this planet for 58-88 days. The Mercury "has taken advantage" of a trajectory « а ) » from physics of electromagnetism without any gravitation in vacuum. So, the physics of electromagnetism easily explains the most mysterious moments of behavior the Mercury, and gravitation in vacuum only withdraws from true. To clean from a head this gravitation -vacuum "dust" and to proceed to especially electromagnetism in the BASE of a science and consciousness it will be extremely hard. For today it is far from being to everyone on forces.

The most nearest days the Moon will show again to us the libration. Whether the Moon libration now will shift something in our consciousness or, again to wait for 28 days and so many generations forward for 28 days?