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Introduction to EH Antenna Theory


This section of the website, which includes several documents, was prepared to provide an understanding of the EH Antenna. The document titled “EH Antenna Theory” explains the concept from an engineering viewpoint. The document titled “External Coax Current” provides information to assist in the construction and implementation of the antenna.

Three additional documents provide more detailed background information to further define the concept of the EH Antenna from a physics viewpoint and also introduce the reader to a new concept in radiation. For some the most interesting aspect of this section will be a new definition of gravity. These documents are based on a physics concept developed by Vladimir Korobejnikov, a Russian physicist with whom the author of this website has been communicating for several years. It has been a pleasure and privilege to work with him, and we are excited to include his findings on the website.

Korobejnikov developed the original mathematical concept presented here as the “Structure of Electromagnetic Fields.” To put this theory in proper perspective, early physicists based their work on electrons in linear motion. Korobejnikov presents the view that electrons are in an orbit, as are all things, including heavenly bodies. The mathematics based on this concept reveals a new concept in radiation. The document titled “Theory of the EH and H ZAntennas” is based on Korobejnikov’s work and gives insight into the physics behind the EH and Hz antennas. The document titled “Libation of the Moon” may not seem to be applicable to antenna concepts. However, these mathematics, based on the orbital motion of electrons and the planets and all other heavenly bodies, provides the true definition of gravity that has been sought by physicists ever since the apple fell on Newton’s head. It also explains the apparent motion of heavenly bodies that, until now, has never been mathematically defined.

The summation of these documents is a stunning presentation of theoretical concepts of the nature of the universe that have been proven by evidence. To introduce them to others is indeed a very great privilege and an honor. In the future the documents will be presented to scholarly magazines for further dissemination.

Although the EH Antenna is a very simple concept, it is the first practical change in antenna technology in more than 120 years. The EH Antenna was originally developed by trial and error, and now Korobejnikov has provided the theoretical information to validate the concept. We hope you enjoy reading the material.