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In the future this PAGE in this web site will contain information relative to status of the EH Antenna for AM Broadcast.




  • Prototype in Eatonton, Georgia, tested per FCC regulations
  • El Salvador – 700 KHz - see the report on previous pages
  • Prototype – 1600 KHz - sent to Japan for evaluation.




A project is in place to design, build and test a new small antenna for 1200 – 1700 KHz. Test results will be presented here, hopefully no later than March of 2008.


The most significant question we are asked is why don’t you have these antennas operating in the USA? The simple answer is – the FCC has not approved the design for use as an AM Broadcast Antenna. That begs the question – why? The answer is that the regulations of the FCC require that an AM Broadcast antenna vertical radiation pattern must conform to an existing (standard ¼ wave tower with radials) mathematical equation or an equation must be submitted and approved for a new antenna design.

Unfortunately, the EH Antenna can not be analyzed by conventional analysis programs and we have not yet developed an equation for the radiation pattern. That is in process and will be an outcome from the test program of the small antenna mentioned above. Many VHF and UHF antennas have been tested in an anechoic chamber and show the same pattern as a conventional dipole. However, the FCC rules exclude the use of patterns from scale antennas. Only recently did the FCC tell us the basis of their refusal to grant a license to potential customers. We will soon have the necessary information to justify a request for change in the FCC regulations.